Our Ultimate Slot Game Guide

We have an absolutely huge range of slot games on our site, with games from all sorts of top developers. These games are here to help you on your way to a win and to provide a bit of extra entertainment. Get started spinning those reels with our helpful guide!

How to Play Slot Games

Most slot games are really simple to play, they don’t take much research to get started with. The main part of the process is to set up how much you want to bet with, which will be different in each game.

For those that have customisable paylines, like 99 Time, you will be able to play from just a penny with one line active. The downside to playing with less paylines is that you’ll have less of a chance to win, though you may get to play more games with the budget that you have.

Some games will have a manual spin button and others will give you the option to use an auto play feature. Either way, spin those reels and then wait for them to stop with baited breath. Then you’ll need to gather up three of a kind of any symbol to win. That’s all there is to it!

Slots with Bonus Features

When it comes to the most popular slot games, these are usually bonus features within there. These can include:

These are some of the common bonus features, though the possibilities really are endless. The sheer number of games out there means that there’s a lot of innovation and additional features out there.

Picking Slot Games

When choosing slot games, there are a few things that you can do to ensure you’re getting the best possible experience. Here are the aspects that you might want to check out before you start to play:


The return to player percentage – or RTP as it can be shortened to – is a statistic that you can find when looking at the information page of a game. This is an average which is calculated based on the total number of wins out of 100 that a player can expect. Games with a high RTP that you can play here include Irish Luck and Unicorn Bliss.

The Structure

Slot games don’t just have to come in the same three reel, five row structure that you’re accustomed to. They can have all shapes and sizes in the design, take the Red Riding Hood Riches slot as an example – this slot allows you to play vertically or horizontally. There are also games like Aloha Cluster Pays that look more like a mini game than a slot game.

Betting Options

Not all games are built for the high rollers out there, they can have a range of betting options for all players. Some slots can be played with just a penny if they have adjustable line bet, though this will affect your chances of winning. With just pennies a spin, you can still hit a jackpot, though the more you bet the more likely you will be to win. If you want to bet small then games like Pirate Princess have a low minimum bet, with the flexibility to spend more if you choose.

The Popularity of Online Slots

Online slots in general have become a lot more popular over the last couple of years, especially with players on bingo sites like ours. There are a few reasons why this has been the case:

As the years go on, developers will most likely make the most of new tech and graphics. This means that slot games are only going to get bigger and better.

Our Top 5 Slots

If you would like our expert advice on the slots that we think you should play on first, the following ones are some of our favourites:

All of these games can be found in our lobby and we also have informative game guides to teach you how to play each one.

Best Slot Game Developers

You may not think about the people that make the games you play very often, though if you pay attention to the ones you like, you will be more likely to enjoy their other games too. Below, you’ll find our favourite developers:


This famous developer is known for games like the Fluffy series but they’re still creating new games to this day. Their earlier games still have a lot of playing value and fun jackpots, so stand up to the more modern slots out there. The newer games still capture that same magic, with some more added features to help them stand out from the crowd too.


For those that are looking for seasoned slot game developers that ladle on the bonus features, you can’t go wrong with NetEnt. Their games often take simple concepts and build on them to make amazing slots. Some of their games can have as many as 8 or 9 different bonus features, so you can certainly expect them to be action packed.


If you’ve played our games like Art of the Heist or Down at the Pub then you’ll have tried out this developer already. They’re not that well established yet, but it’s safe to say that their stuff is really innovative, with a cheeky twist. Their 3D graphics help to make their games feel a bit more immersive – you really will feel like you’re sitting in your local with them!


The developers behind games like Ramesses Riches, it’s safe to say that these guys know their stuff. They tend to focus on a set theme for each slot game, then design the reels and symbols around it. This creates a game that doesn’t just look the part, but also features a lot of fun symbols and games to make the best game possible.

What we Look for in a Slot

We’re pretty discerning when it comes to picking slots to play on and have a laundry list of features that we watch out for. These take into account pretty much every aspect of the gaming experience:

That’s pretty much everything that you need to know about our various slot games. Don’t be shy if you’ve never played one before as you will be spinning and winning in no time at all. If you have any questions about slots or even about our site in general then feel free to contact us for more info, our help team will be happy to assist.