Temple Of Iris

You don’t need to leave your home or know anything about Archaeology as you can experience all of this tomb raiding excitement with the thrilling Temple of Iris slot game. Remember it’s mobile optimised too, so you don’t need to leave that action behind when you’re our adventuring.

This game was developed by Eyecon, the team behind top games like Fluffy Favourites and the Twinkle slot. If that’s not enough to get you raring to go then we can also let you in on the fact that this is a bonus packed extravaganza. Grab your explorer’s hat and maybe some khakis and get ready to go!


Regardless of whether you’re a gambling expert or a rookie you will find the Temple of Iris slot game incredibly easy to play. You have five reels to play with that come with up to 25 paylines to use in each spin. Paylines are basically where you need to have those symbols in order for them to match up and pay out.

Your controls in this game extend to altering how much you can wager as well as how many of the various paylines you have active on each spin. Using these controls you can easily customise your game and once you’ve finished setting up you can choose between manual or automatic rounds with the ‘Spin’ and ‘Auto Play’ buttons. 

As the reels are spinning away you will also be given various cash prizes based on the types of symbols you land in your combinations and occasionally you will open up alternate combos and larger payouts if you get Wilds to appear.


There are a number of different strategies to use to win big in the Temple of Iris slots, the easiest one is to bet the max amount on each round. This lets you get a larger return on your wager when you unlock the bonus rounds.

We’d also suggest for the best slots strategy that you play on mobile as well as desktop. We’re not just encouraging you to wager here, it’s also a good idea because the more you play, the more you could win. Of course, you should still play responsibly and know when to take a break from the game, so get the balance right for the best success.

Above all, just cross your fingers and hope for the best! It’s a great game and if you take it for a spin then you might just get lucky.

Bonuses on Temple of Iris Slots

On the topic of bonus rounds, this game has a number of different features to play with. For example, you could unlock the free spin bonus that will let you play the Temple of Iris slots free with up to 15 spins and a 3x multiplier on your wagers.

If you want to double your return after every spin you could try out their gamble bonus. Launched manually after each turn, this lets you wager your winnings as you try to guess the results of a special pattern. Get it right and your cash is doubled, but if you guess incorrectly you lose everything, so choose wisely!


The design of this slot is another of its best features as it uses an ancient Egyptian style that has reels which are covered in gold set against a sun that’s slowly setting in the background. It’s quite a beautiful sight and it’s difficult to not spend a few minutes just admiring this image.

Inside the reels themselves are a number of Egyptian items like statues of cats, scarabs, ankhs, amulets, an Egyptian priestess and some pyramids. If you opt to play on the mobile version instead then not too much will change outside of the way you interact with the game. Temple of Iris slots mobile is top notch so make sure you don’t miss out on this.


This slot is quickly becoming one of our favourites. It has a beautiful design, simple controls and some bonus rounds that can be quite lucrative. We recommend checking this slot out if you’re looking for an exciting game to play with some big wins to back it up. Temple of Iris slots are some of the top played games out there, so what are you waiting for?