Pirate Princess

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, it’s time to have some fun with the Pirate Princess slot. This game will take you out on the high seas to find a whole load of booty. If you’ve ever fancied plundering a bingo site then we can help you out with this jackpot slot.


The Pirate Princess slot offers the experience that you’ll most likely be expecting, a swashbuckling adventure with a lot of heart. This game has a golden theme and the princess will be watching you from high above the reels. She might even cheer you on if you do well!

As you can see, this game has five reels and three rows worth of fun to play with. The reels are decked out in gold and finery, with each free space being taken up by another pirate themed symbol. This helps to convey the theme of the slot and it’s bound to have you feeling like one of the crew in no time.

How to Play the Pirate Princess Slot

It’s so easy to play this game that you won’t need to hesitate when it comes to getting those reels spinning. They’re easy enough to get started with, just set your bet up under the reels to decide how much you want to bet. You can change the amount of lines you have in play as well as the bet that you put on each.

This slot game is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is use the buttons below the reels for all the flexibility that you need. This is an ideal slot for newbies and you won’t need to pay much attention to the game rules before you get started.

Pirate Princess Free Spins and Wilds

It wouldn’t be a great slot game without some bonuses and the Pirate Princess free spins are top notch. Here are the bonus rounds for you to look out for:

  • Free Spins – If you like slot game freebies then look out for the cannon symbol. Just three of these will give you Pirate Princess free spins and the game gets even more rewarding when they play out. Ships will appear on the reels and they will be shot by the cannons to bring you bigger rewards.
  • Match and Win – If three map symbols make their way onto your reels then you can look forward to yet another bonus. You’ll get to pick from them and reveal some prizes, if you’re lucky you’ll even get more than one.
  • Wild Symbol – The Pirate Princess is the wild in this game and she takes the place of all the regular symbols. She’ll also double the value of any combination that it’s a part of, so it’s a great symbol to see.
  • Ship Battle – When you see a couple of ship symbols on the reels you’d better get ready for a battle. These ships will take pot shots at one another and add additional bonuses to your balance.
  • Gamble your Winnings – After you’ve won on a spin the gamble bonus will become available. Access this if you want to go double or nothing with your jackpot.

It’s pretty plain to see that this is a feature packed game with a lot of fun to offer players.

Mobile Slots

If you like to play on the latest mobile slots then you can access this game through our mobile slots platform. This is the ideal game to play on the move as it’s just perfect for your latest adventure. Use your smartphone or tablet to get spinning these reels.

Our Verdict

The Pirate Princess slot game is a great one, you won’t be disappointed with the action that you find here. With golden reels and a bevy of treasure waiting to be revealed, you’ll want to set sail before you know it.