Types of Online Bingo Jackpots

One of the key reasons that people play bingo games online is for the chance to not only have fun with their friends but also compete for the biggest jackpots. Our Tips & Tricks section is here to help you get the best possible experience here at Lucky Cow Bingo so for this post, we are going to discuss the different types of bingo jackpots and how these can help you win big. 

We all Want to Win Big!

Online bingo can be a pretty exhilarating experience especially when you play free bingo games or play for some of the biggest prizes on a site. We all want to win big which is why jackpot games are so popular and a great way of trying to win thousands of pounds. Of course, every jackpot game is different and we have a fine selection on our site.

You can even play some jackpot bingo games for free at Lucky Cow Bingo and we also offer weekly and monthly games as well with extra special prizes. It can be confusing trying to find the best jackpot games and there are even different types to consider as well. Different jackpot games have different rules and setups so what type of jackpot games might you encounter?

Different Categories of Jackpot Games

When you play jackpot bingo games online you could be playing in any of the following jackpot categories:

Sliding Jackpots

When you play sliding jackpot bingo games online then can expect to play for a number of different prizes. The jackpot “slides” down over time and this means that the prize will gradually depreciate in value so you could say that these are scaled games. However, there will always be a minimum prize to play for so they are always worth entering.

Progressive Jackpots

On the other side of the jackpot spectrum, we have the famous progressive jackpot. You could argue that progressive games are the most exciting bingo games of all as the jackpot potential is massive! When you play progressive bingo games online, the longer the prize isn’t claimed, the higher it will climb. Some of our progressive jackpot games can rise up to thousands of pounds! 

Guaranteed Jackpots

Our personal favourite would be guaranteed games as we love it when our roomies walk away as winners. We offer a number of guaranteed games every week with our All or Nothing jackpot game being one of the most popular on the site. Our monthly promotion also offers guaranteed prizes so this is another to keep your eye out for.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Every player is different and a lot of our roomies have different approaches to jackpot games so we thought we would discuss some strategies that you can adopt to give yourself the best possible chance of leaving with a prize.

Pre-Buy Tickets – We do allow our players to pre-purchase tickets for a lot of our jackpot games and we would recommend this wherever possible. Some of our games can get pretty crowded and if the room fills up then you will not be able to join the game which could prove particularly frustrating if it is one our monthly jackpots.

Understand Our General T&Cs – We know we know! Reading the T&Cs is boring but for our new players, this is advised. There are a few key points that affect our jackpot games so read the main points of our T&Cs so that you are up to speed and this will increase your chances of winning.

Use the Lobby – While our promotions page offers some of our more prolific games, the lobby does offer plenty of potential value. You can scan the lobby and the bingo schedule to find games that offer a good balance between the number of players playing and the price of the cards as well. Remember, with fewer players there is a greater chance to win!

Play Free Bingo Games – Some of our free games also offer real jackpots on some occasions. A small jackpot is still a jackpot and our free bingo games do offer 50p full house prizes and we have these games available on a daily basis. Perfect for the player on a budget. 

Which Jackpot Game Will You Try?

We’ve mentioned our All or Nothing game and you can find plenty of free bingo games that offer jackpots as well but if you’re looking to get started then head over to our promotions section and you can take a look at some of our specials.

Our Fortune Fountain game is a great choice and our Balance Booster isn’t half bad either. That’s it for our jackpot guide but if you need more advice on our bingo games then check out our Ultimate Bingo Game Guide for more info.


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