How to get Good Value from Lucky Cow Bingo

Our Tips and Tricks section is designed to help you get the most out of Lucky Cow Bingo and it doesn’t matter if you’re a bingo novice or pro, we’re here to help you have the best time possible when you play games on our site.

This guide is going to be about getting good value for money and it is aimed to at experienced players.

Getting good value for money is important and there are plenty of ways to achieve this no matter what type of player you are. As a result, we’ve picked out some key bits of info which we feel are particularly important when it comes to getting more bang for your buck!

Budgeting & Why it is Important

Getting value is all about getting the most for your money but every player is different especially when it comes to bingo games online. The very first thing you should do is consider your budget. Ideally, this should be a fixed amount of money and your budget can be daily, weekly or even monthly – it really is up to you! Once you have considered this amount then you can begin to look at getting value by selecting the right games and offers.

Our Promotions List

Promotions are a massive part of online bingo and these can allow players to compete in special jackpot games as well as play bingo games for free as well. Here at Lucky Cow Bingo, we try to offer a diverse range of offers that will suit a lot of different players. Of course, the only way to find out for yourself is to visit our promotions section but here are a few games that we feel offer particular value to our roomies:

  • Balance Booster offers players a £250 jackpot with tickets costing just 10p a pop!
  • Fortune Fountain contains a £500 community jackpot – the largest on the network.
  • Free Bingo every day with real cash prizes for players looking to stretch their budget.

Scan the Lobby Carefully

Now that we have discussed the jackpot games and the free bingo games that can be accessed, it is time to look at some more traditional ways in which you can stretch that bingo budget just that little bit further. The lobby is a key tool and if used correctly, it can lead to some of the best jackpot games. The key here is to not rush in and just choose any old game as soon as you see it appear on the bingo schedule.

You should use the lobby to get value by finding games that offer a reasonable card price but also a jackpot that is worth your time and effort. Getting the balance right is the key to getting value and remember that the number of players in the game is important as well. The more players in a bingo game mean a smaller chance that you will walk away a winner statistically which is why sometimes games with a lower player count and jackpot could actually lead to success.

Take Advantage of Free Bingo

We’ve already touched upon this in the promotions section but free bingo games are the perfect way to enjoy our site and you can still win real prizes! Playing bingo games for free is perfect when you’ve spent your allocated budget for the month but still want to enjoy some quality online bingo. You can get your free bingo fix every day from 12pm to 2pm. Each game has a £1 jackpot which is divided into the following in a 90 ball format:

  • 50p prize for a full house.
  • 30p prize for 2 lines.
  • 20p prize for 1 line.

Read Our Blog

Both our Tips and Tricks section and our Lucky Cow Bingo Blog is designed with our players in mind. Once you have read our tips and tricks articles then the blog is another area where we offer useful insight on how to get the most out of our site and online bingo in general. We post weekly so be sure to check it out on a regular basis as we are always bringing players new promotions and games which are discussed in detail in this section.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found our Value Guide useful but another key thing to consider would be the satisfaction of yourself as a bingo player. If you’re not having fun playing online bingo then perhaps it might be time to revise your strategy and try something new. If you have any questions at all then we are always happy to help so drop us a message on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and we can help you get the ultimate bingo experience.

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