Shamans Dream

If you’re looking for a slot game that’s slightly more spiritual, we have one game you may want to check out. Shaman’s Dream is a fantastic slot game with Native American theme, plenty of jackpots plus fun bonus features too. These are just some of the reasons Shamans Dream slots is one of the most spun games on the internet.

The game comes to players from Eyecon, who have quite the laundry list of slots at their disposal. They have some of the top grossing slot games on the internet to their name, so this is a game you can trust! 


You don’t have to be familiar with Native American culture to enjoy the Shaman’s Dream slot game as it’s pretty easy to play. You’re given five reels to use that come with up to 25 paylines to play around with and you can freely customise this setup.

You can change the amount of lines used in each spin as well as the size of your wager at will with the two ‘change bet’ and ‘change lines’ buttons in the control panel. Once you’ve finished picking your wager size and the number of lines you can then launch the game with either the ‘Spin’ or ‘Auto Play’ buttons.


These games mainly come down to how lucky you are, but there are a couple of things you can do to help yourself out. A good strategy we recommend is to try finding either a demo mode to practice this slot and figure it out. Or you can go in guns blazing with max bet levels to get a larger return in a short space of time.

If you want to play this game frugally then you can look for bonus funds or special offers to play with. These can be useful and give you an extra few chances to win without paying anything.

There’s also option to gamble in this game, we’ll give you more on this in the bonus features section. It’s safe to say you should only use this where appropriate, don’t get too hung up on using it if you find it’s losing you money. 


To encourage you to keep playing this slot game provides a few bonus features, the most notable of which is a free spin round. Unlocked with a minimum of three Dreamcatcher Scatters on the reels, this bonus will give you 15 free spins and it will triple your return with a 3x multiplier prize.

The other feature you can mess around with is their gamble bonus. Unlocked by the player after a successful spin, it will let you try doubling your return. It manages this by letting you wager your cash in a mini-game that has you guessing what the end result of a pattern.


The Shaman’s Dream slots design is another of its positive aspects as it has a beautiful layout that lets you experience the North American wilds. In the background are gigantic mountains set against a rather relaxing scene of a setting sun. Plus, the reels themselves look to be carved out of wood and held together with rope to really hammer home that back to nature style they have.

Inside the reels are a range of North American Indian themed items like amulets, arrows, tepee tents, totems and members of the shaman’s tribe like the chief. There are also a number of wild animals dotted around like eagles and wolves that the Shaman himself might commune with.


Shamans Dream is a beautiful game and it has relaxing and rather chilled out atmosphere that lets you completely immerse yourself in the setting as you spin the reels. We recommend giving this Native American slot game a try if you fancy getting in touch with your spiritual side.