If you’re looking for a really popular game to play then Starburst slots from NetEnt may just be what you’re seeking. This sparkling slot game is a feature of so many bingo and slots sites, but you should definitely be playing it here with us at Lucky Cow Bingo. Check out our Starburst slot game guide below for more information.

About Starburst Slots

This game comes from NetEnt, who are arguably one of the most popular slot game developers in the world. They’re always innovating something new and Starburst is just one example of what they have to offer. If you’re interested in more NetEnt slots, then just check out slot game library for more information on the games that we have from this developer.

How to Play

Playing this game is so simple, there are only really two features to take into account before you just dive in and start playing. The level and coin value sliders are situated under the reels and these will be your tickets to setting up the game exactly as you like it. Players like this aspect to the game as it means you always have the same paylines and the same chance of winning. It’s worth noting that this is a pay both ways slot game, so you can win left to right and right to left too. This effectively doubles up your chance of winning without costing you any more, that’s a great feature to have on your side!

The Paytable

Within the paytable of Starburst slots, you will find just about every coloured gem that you could imagine. These vibrant symbols come in all shapes, sizes and each award different multipliers to be added onto your bet. They start off with doubling multipliers but can reach much, much more than that! The design of this game really does sparkle as the colours and graphics really make the game stand out. You’d be hard pushed to find a slot game that looks better or performs better on mobile or desktop.

Winning Features and Bonuses

Within this game, there are a few bonus features to look out for and all of them are dependent on the wild symbol. This rainbow symbol comes with an element of every colour and takes the place of every single symbol on the reels. If this happens then you will see the wild symbol expand to take up the full reel. Then, the real magic happens when Starburst slots spins again without costing you any additional cash! The expanded wild symbol will also stay in place for the duration of the spin, giving you the chance to use it as a substitute once more.

Spin this Slot

Go on, give this slot game a good spin with us here at Lucky Cow Bingo, it’s bound to give you an out of this world experience. We’d recommend having a go on your mobile too, as this game simply can’t be beaten on great graphics, big jackpots and good fun.