Jewel Journey

Do you ever wish you could just take off on a wild and wonderful adventure to somewhere exotic?

Well with the Jewel Journey slot game you can do just that!


You don’t need to be Bear Grylls to survive the dense jungle that surrounds the reels of the Jewel Journey slot game as it’s pretty simple to play. You’re given five reels to use and they come with 25 paylines that you can play around with.

You can alter the size of your bet as well as the number of lines you’re using in each round with the ‘Change Bet’ and ‘Change Lines’ tabs. Plus, you can even choose between manual and automatic play styles in each round.


You can use a number of different strategies for this game, but by far the best one is to hit the max wager cap on each spin to increase your return on each round.


One of the best features of this slot game is all the different bonuses it has for you to try out.To start things off we have the free spin bonus, launched with at least three Professor Scatters it can land you between six and 12 free spins depending on how many symbols you used to launch it, giving you the chance to play Jewel Journey slots free.Or why not try out their match and win round that has you picking between 12 diamonds to find a matching pair and win a multiplier prize. If you land three or more map Scatters you can unlock the gem select round that lets you choose one out of five gemstones to win a multiplier prize of either 30x or 60x.You can also test your bravery with the escape round. When you hit three or more tigers on the reels you will be chased by this terrifying creature and you will have to pick directions to run. Each route has a multiplier to pick up and you can land up to 100x on each choice.Finally, you can also double your return on each winning spin with their gamble bonus.


The design of Jewel Journey slots is fantastic, it puts players deep within a dark and foreboding jungle with reels that seem to be carved out of wood from nearby trees. Inside the reels are various explorer themed items like caps, boots, daggers, flowers, canteens, backpacks, torches and an array of colourful flora and fauna.


The Jewel Journey slot game is brilliant and you will love going on a thrilling adventure every time you load it up. It’s got a great design and some exciting bonus rounds and it’s definitely worth playing