Fireworks Frenzy

No matter what time of year it is, we love the Fireworks Frenzy slot and the explosive fun that it offers. This colourful slot game is filled with jackpot prizes, with more sparklers than you can shake a stick at.

Why Should You Play Fireworks Frenzy Slots On Lucky Cow Bingo?

If you want to check out Fireworks Frenzy slots then we’d love for you to play it with us. We offer you the chance to win 500 free spins from our Wheel of Slots bonus feature. The more you play on this game, the closer you’ll get to spinning this all over again and winning even more free spins.


Play with up to 25 lines on this game, then customise your bet per line to give the total wager. This is displayed under the reels, so you can make sure that you’re totally happy with it before you move forward. Then, just hit that spin button to start the game off!

You’ll see these reels moving faster than a Catherine wheel before you know it. Each symbol will move and then come to a halt on the paylines, where you’ll need to match up three of them to win a prize. This sizzling slot game is covered in poker symbols, which have been styled to look like sparklers.

Tips and Strategy

When it comes to playing any slot game that’s fair play tested, the symbols that you see are randomly generated. Here are our best tips on how to improve your gameplay:

         • Use the gamble feature on this game for the chance to increase your winnings even further. Do this with caution though, as if you’re not careful you could lose what you’ve won so far.

         • Pay attention to the paytable, as this is where you’ll find all of the essential information about the game. This includes details about the statistics and fair play testing of the game.

Bonuses and Special Features

This game isn’t basic, you can look out for these special features.

The Cracker Symbol

This firecracker symbol will grant you access into the free spins round for this game. This can give you up to 25 free spins and you can retrigger this feature as many as 15 times if you’re really lucky. Just keep your fingers crossed though this round and you could be in for a big win.

The Catherine Wheel Symbol

In the theme of this game, the wild symbol is represented by a sparkling firework. This will take the place of everything but the scatter symbol above and it’s sure to help you out with a win. This can appear on any reel in this game, which is good news for intrepid players.


This game is visually stunning and it looks better than the majority of other slots out there. The atmosphere of Bonfire Night is evident in the game and you’ll feel the excitement in no time. When the bonus features set off, the game switches gears and gets even better so they’re worth watching out for.

Wrap up warm and get spinning the Fireworks Frenzy slot game right here at Lucky Cow Bingo. We’ll treat you to loads of special offers and bonuses so you can get right down to spinning the reels of this game.