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Paid one minute, gone the next – we’ve all been there!  Don’t worry though because we’re giving away £250 every month to help see you through until payday!


So, if your purse always feels a bit empty half-way through the month, check out the Balance Booster game, where you could get your hands on some extra cash.  The game takes place on the 15th of every month at 8pm and you can find it within the Jackpots tab. 


The jackpot is split between 3 winners:

1 Line - £50
2 Line - £75
Full House – £125


There’s plenty of chances to win, all you need to do is take part!  Tickets for the game are as cheap as chips at only 10p a pop.  Players can purchase up to 96 tickets each so you might decide to pick up the whole lot to boost your chances of winning!