90 Ball Bingo


If you’ve ever played bingo online then the chances are that you’ve at least heard of 90 ball bingo. This is the UK version of bingo and the one that you will find most often in bingo lobbies. The game is fairly straightforward and the prizes can be amazing if you scope out some of the best games.



When you buy a ticket to 90 ball bingo games, you are given a card with 27 spaces, some with numbers and some without. They are arranged into three rows with five numbers and four blank spaces on each. When the numbers are called, the corresponding ones on your card are dabbed off.


These numbers go from 1 to 90, with the numbers being selected from a random number generator.


What Are The Winning Patterns?

The top prize in this game comes from dabbing all of the numbers on the card. This is known as the Full House, which usually comes with the best prize unless you are playing a variant of the game.


The 2 Line winner is the next best prize, which comes from getting two of your lines completed. Finally, there’s usually a prize for just 1 line completed, though it is usually shared between quite a few players.



The odds of winning this game changes with every game that you play and the site that you’re playing on. There are things that you can do to boost your odds, which we’ll cover in the next section. The exact odds of a game may not be displayed, just use common sense and you should be able to figure out which ones are better or worse.



When it comes to playing 90 ball bingo, here are our top tips for increasing your chances of winning:


         •        Look for 90 ball bingo free tickets or bonuses to get you more chances to win. BOGOF offers are particularly good for this, even free bingo rooms can add some extra funds to your balance.

         •        Play on sites, like ours, that give you free tickets and loyalty points when you play.

         •        Have fun with the game and don’t overspend beyond your budget.


How to Buy Cards?

When you’re in the bingo lobby and want to play this game, just click on one of the many 90 ball bingo rooms that we have. This will grant you access and then you can get down to buying your tickets before the game kicks off. The ticket price is displayed at the top of the screen so you can quickly see the price versus the potential jackpot.

You can use the auto buy to snap up tickets to each new match or just buy them individually if you want more control. The more you play on these games, the more you will feel comfortable with doing this and making the choices that suit your play style.



Why Play on Lucky Cow Bingo?

We love to spoil our players for choice, so when you play with us you’ll find no

shortage of bingo games. We have 90 ball games every few minutes, with free and penny tickets for our frugal players. Keep an eye on our promotions section for news on the latest upcoming jackpot games too, then you’ll never need to miss out on one again.


With so many games to pick from and even freebies to pick up, you can enjoy all of our 90 ball games with ease. This version of bingo is super easy so even if you’re a new player you can become a star player in no time at all. 



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