75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo, or American bingo as it is sometimes known, is a staple on most bingo sites. It’s an easy to follow version of the game that will suit anyone that wants a faster game of bingo. Stick with us to learn all about it. 



First up, we’ll be looking at 75 ball bingo rules to get you accustomed to playing this game. It’s really simple, you get a card with 25 numbers and dab them off in the order that they are called. Then, when you fill out the pattern with your numbers or cover all of them, you can call bingo and receive a prize.


There may also be runner up prizes for those with just a few numbers to go to the jackpot. These are generally communal and shared between these players closest to the jackpot.


What Are The Winning Patterns?

There are simply hundreds of 75 ball bingo patterns out there, some resemble items, letters, numbers and more. Others are randomly generated but the most common pattern is a coverall or blackout. These mean that you must get all 25 numbers on the board to win the prize.


If a pattern bingo game is themed, perhaps around winning a holiday or gadget, then you may find the pattern is themed too. This could be anything from spelling out the name of the gift over a series of games to dabbing off a parasol pattern.



With so much variance in how to win, how many players and the jackpot split when it comes to online bingo, it can be hard to give a clear return to player. The odds of winning with a guaranteed jackpot in a quiet room are much more feasible than the odds of winning a sliding jackpot in a busy room. We suggest that you treat each game differently and weigh up the options to assess this.



Maybe you’ve experimented with this type of bingo before but want to make more of the games, here are our tips if so:


         •        Play for free or with pennies first and get a real feel for the game before you dive into the jackpot games. That way, you know what to do and what the strategy is when it comes to the real games.

         •        Look for games that are good value for money; weigh up the jackpot versus the odds you have of winning. If a bingo games has restrictive conditions then you will be less likely to your win.

         •        Max out your tickets to games that you really want to win, as this will give you a higher chance of winning.


How To Buy Cards

It’s easy to buy cards when you’re playing these bingo games, whether you pre buy them in advance or whether you’re in a room.


Just select the amount of cards that you want then purchase them before the game begins. If you use an auto buy feature then you can set up how many tickets you want for subsequent matches too. This feature is best used in cheaper games, as you can set up to spend a pound per game if you like.


Why Play On Lucky Cow Bingo?

There are loads of sites out there that you can play bingo on but we offer you some special extras when you play with us. From our welcome offer alone, you could win 500 free bingo tickets from just a £10 deposit. Then, we also give our funded roomies 2 hours of free bingo every day to test out our games.


So join in with the 75 ball bingo fun here at Lucky Cow Bingo, you might just bag yourself a jackpot or two. 



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